Nothing better than a {3 day weekend}

can't all weekend be 3 days?!
I think people would be much more productive.
4 days a week.
with a three day break.
oh how I wish.
even with a lot going on this weekend.
the extra day is just
extra day
with emmery.
extra day
to watch the Today Show
{which doesn't happen... Pacific Standard Time} 
extra day
to do landry
extra day
to run errands
and so on.
but really-- 3 day weekends should be a must.
Three {3} highlights from the weekend:
1. Date Night
our school's annual auction dinner.
{if you can call it a date}
2. Lillian Grace's Baptism
can't wait to raise this little one up in
3. Jammin'
perfect three day weekend for jammin'
 my lil' helpers
::Emmery & Lillian::
{emmery was also taster}
can't wait to do this a thousand times over with her!
within the craziness of the 3 day weekend.
some silliness
this girl
she's getting too big.


{Not} Shocking themselves!

two ah-mazing things happend on
Crean Lutheran's Football Team
St. Margaret's
what's the big deal?
St. Margaret's had not lost a league game since
BD & I had just started college.
hadn't even met yet!
I could not be more proud of
the boys.
other coaches.
and all the hard work by everyone. 
while they may have shocked others
they did not shock themselves.
BD from very early on thought
another cool fact about the game.
it was televised. 
 this lil' girl loves her football.
there were a number of photos from that night.
this one
the time running down.
the joy.
the emotion.
other awesome moments
your best friends supporting you every single game.
win or lose.
BD & I are VERY blessed