{eleven months}

this past year 11 months

has been so much fun.

each month has started with a celebration!

Emmery Lo Mertens

is officially 11 months.

{5 days ago}

I feel like this month flew by quicker than ever.

Dear Lil’ Miss Emmery Lo-

You are oh so special.

you light up our lives.

Happy 11 months!


{which have been the best 11 months}!

the biggest thing this month

{although, everything is big in my eyes}

you are official a



You took your first steps

April 19th & haven’t stopped steppin’

You also started swimming lessons




You have probably hit


but we won’t officially know till your

one.year. check up!

size 3 diapers

clothes generally 9 months.

I’ve been putting you in fun {summer}

12 months clothes.

you never cease to amaze us.

constantly learning new things.

and absorbing everything.


you can always make us laugh.

we love you more than you know.

with all our love,

Mommy & Daddy

here’s a fun walkin’ video


ten months {young}

Happy April.


I’m not too sure how

4 months

have flown by of 2015.

the bigger better news.

lil’ miss is

ten {10} months

today yesterday!

I know I say this every month.

but w.o.w she’s changed.

Dear Lil’’ Miss Emmery Lo:

Happy Double Digits!

I can hardly believe you’re

10 months old.


You have a such a fun special personality.

it’s so fun to see you take everything in

like a sponge.

you had your first bad rough week.

you caught your first cold


had three top teeth come in


but like the trooper you are.

we all survived.

You are probably still in the

18-19lb range.

{burning calories as you move}

size 3 diapers

generally you wear

9 month clothing.


you are into


{every kid has a picture with tupperware}

this past month we’ve had


we had a visit from our

colorado besties.


had a few pool days!


you love the water,

but only if it’s warm.

{like your momma}

you are a true daddy’s girl.



{you’ve got him wrapped around your pinky}

emmery lo,

thank you for the joy you bring to us each day.

we are beyond blessed to be called your parents.

watching you grow is truly ah-mazing.

happy ten months,

FullSizeRender (2)

stink pot!

with all our love,

mommy & daddy