15 in 15

in normally late fashion
{about a week late}
Possibly my favorite post of the year.
although I did not blog this whole year
so many good memories. 
{in no particular order, although some higher than others}
I give you
the socal mertens
fifteen in fifteen
definitely topping the chart
1. Finding out we having another baby
it's a BOY
2. Lil' Miss Emmery Lo turning 
3. Colorado Summer Vacation
5. BD & LA Turning 30
our birthday's were pretty mellow.
we were able to celebrate at the
6. Saints Football Season
7. Cabo
{Emmery's 1st international vacation}
 8. G'Pa & G'Ma visits
9. Baby Lillian's Birthday & Baptism
12. White Christmas
13. Sweet Nicole Danielle's Baptism
14. Emmery's 1st swimming lessons
15. Celebrating 7 years of a blessed Marriage
we were so blessed this past year
much like the all years.
I'm excited to see what is in store for
It will be a GREAT year!


it's a...

so I started bloggin' again
before anyone {outside} knew we were expecting again.
with great intentions of 
weekly updates & pictures
however with
a 1.5 year old running around
everything else going on
my intentions have not happened
I have yet to take a
On to the exciting news
Baby M #2 is official a
{no denying it on the ultrasound picture that will not shared}
we're also halfway there.
bring on the trucks, ducks, & bucks!