4th of July & {More}…

I love the 4th of July.

I love just about any holiday.


I love them even more with

lil’ miss Emmery!

Emmery now has celebrated

two {2} holidays!

Her first:

Father’s day.

she was 15 days old.

It was extremely special.

BD’s first Father’s day.

{one of the first times we ventured out}

what do you do to celebrate a 1st Father’s Day?

Bass pro shop {of course}!


then fast forward a couple weeks

4th of July

I had a blast getting

lil’ miss Emmery

dressed up & taking pictures.

while the 4th of July was very different than

last years.


{Santa Monica Beach, July 4th, 2013}

this year

{the whole year actually}

will be a year of ‘first’ for

lil’ miss Emmery


fun for mommy.

Our little





another big moment in

lil’ miss Emmery Lo’s life

going out to dinner.

We ventured out to

Tustin Brewing Company.

also known as ‘tbc’


I would say it was a successful trip


coming up this week in

Emmery Lo’s life

{besides, eating, sleeping, & pooping}


grandma & grandpa mertens


{great} uncle fred

along with a very special day

Emmery Lo is getting baptized.




One Month{belated}

Emmery Lo is officially {over}


photo 3-15

BD said it best last night at dinner

‘this has been the quickest & slowest month of my life’

it amazes how much she changes daily hourly.

Dear Lil’ Miss Emmery Lo:

You have stolen our hearts!

photo 1-15

Happy 1 Month!

You are so easy going

{when you don’t have gas}

You are very strong already

{even your doctor, Dr. Cater, says so}

You almost weigh 8lb & are 21 1/2 inches long!

You are still wearing Newborn clothes

{although, sometimes we put you in 0-3, which are too big}

You are your daddy’s daughter… you LOVE sleep

especially at night!

You will sleep 5 to 6 hours!

{which we don’t complain about}

You sleep just about anywhere, too.

Your favorite place to sleep is on your daddy’s chest!

You love bath time!

You celebrated your first holiday,

Father’s day with your first trip to bass pro shop.

You are so beautiful!

photo 4-8

We can’t wait to see you grow in month 2!


Mommy & Daddy


How do you celebrate a month?!

A walk in the park

{of course Winking smile}

photo 5-4



{almost} one month

holy cow!

it’s hard to believe in just a few

short days

Lil’ Miss Emmery Lo

will be


I’m not too sure were time has gone.

Some days I feel like we just brought her home



other days I feel like she’s been with us forever.

{the way I like it, because I can’t imagine life with out her}!

While the past month 28 days

have been some of the most challenging.

some of the most rewarding.

some of the best days

of my life.

motherhood is

h.a.r.d. & m.e.s.s.y.

but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

photo 1-14

a lot of people write about the things they didn’t know about in the

first month.

my list would be way too long!

{considering I didn’t read a book or take a class}

there are a few things I have learned:

{in no order}


there is nothing like a mother’s love.

you fall even more in love with your husband {daily}

it takes a village to raise a kid.

never say ‘no’ always say ‘yes’

skype & facetime

are amazing to show off our lil’ one to family & friends

God is so good!

Lil’ Miss Emmery Lo

photo 3-14

you’ve rocked our world

in the best possible way!

photo 4-7



:: Emmery Lo Mertens ::

She’s here!

she has a name!


has stolen our hearts.


Emmery Lo Mertens


June 1st, 2014

6lb 12 oz

19 inches long

7:10 a.m.